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See tire size specifications for over-sized or extra large tires here

The Solid Waste District operates the Used Tire Collection program for Benton County.   The Arkansas Used Tire Recycling and Accountability Program governs everyone who purchases or sells tires.  


Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology (PC&E) Commission adopted Regulation 36 which implements the law and establishes procedures for everyone to follow.  


Each adult resident of Benton County may dispose of up to 4 tires of any size without rims at no charge per month.  Fees apply to tires on rims and extra tires. Tires must be delivered to one of the collection locations.  Multiple trips or trips to different locations is not allowed.  Photo ID is required and additional proof of residency may be needed.

Form to Record Used Tire Disposal Shipments

Each time you ship used tires from your retail location to the District's collection facility, you will complete a form called the Used Tire Manifest.  See a sample of the manifest here.  You must record the name and contact information of the Tire Generator (dealer/retailer) and your DF&A number as well as the quantities and sizes of tires you are shipping out.

The form must accompany the transporting of tires from the Generator to the Used Tire Program (District) Facility whether by the generator or by a hired transporter.  (Note:  Tire transport limits were removed by the new law if you haul your own waste tires to the District's facility.  Generators hauling their own tires no longer need to limit the number of tires hauled nor need a Tire Transporter license.


If you have a hired company that hauls the tires for you, they must have a valid Tire Transporter License from the State.  The hauling company (Transporter) will verify the number of tires they received from your location.  They will enter the number of those tires that they kept for reuse before delivering them to the District.  The District will verify the number of tires received at the District's facility.  Any tire quantity discrepancy must be documented and ADEQ notified.


For More Information

For information on the rules for Benton County or available credits, call the District's Tire Clerk at (479) 795-0751.

For information on collecting or submitting fees, call the Miscellaneous Tax Section of DF&A at 501-682-7187.

For fact sheets, checklists or to obtain a Transporter License, visit ADEQ's Tire Accountability Program website here.

FEEL FREE TO CALL THE DISTRICT FIRST WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE.  We may be able to help you avoid additional calls.  (479) 795-0751

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